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Our Story

See how we became one of America's Fastest Growing Brands


COLDEST has become one of the fastest growing companies in the US without taking any outside investment. We've achieved explosive growth in the US entirely on our own terms. This independence lets us prioritize customer satisfaction over investor demands. The result? Unrivaled products and an exceptional customer experience.


It all began...

COLDEST was founded by a team of Engineers with the one goal to create the COLDEST products. Founded in the hottest state - Florida, we wanted to build something to keep us COLD. It started with a water bottle and has since grown into the Expanding Universe of COLDEST.

"Our core mission is to create the coldest, best products to help you stay colder, longer™. "

Founder & CEO

Founder & CEO, David


Co-founder & Head of Marketing, Joe


2015 - The Begining

David Stark founded Coldest out of a of a 1-car garage in Naples, Florida. This is where the story of COLDEST begins. (Naples Park)

HQ.v. - 1 Car Garage

The early years, from 2015-2017, was a a period of intense struggle, growing, and hard work. Everything continously went back into the business.

Inside the garage

Stacked to the ceiling in boxes, as time went on, space was getting tight. At the time, this was optimized.

2017 - HQ. V.2

HQ v.2 was David's new back yard in the boonies. Land was cheaper in the middle of nowhere. Pictured behind David is at a 2500 sq.ft warehouse located on the property For 3 years, the team grew and operated COLDEST here.

2017 - New Warehouse - 2500 sq.ft

At the time, this new space was considered massive. 2500 sq.ft plus oudoor space to work with, 25x bigger than the 1 gar garage.

2018 - The Twin Bros Alliance

Joe offers to join forces. After years of twin competition, Joe offered to focus on building the best marketing, while David would focus on creating the best COLDEST products. A twin alliance is formed.

2018 - Engineering Phase

Inspecting the quality & manufacturing of COLDEST bottles being produced.

An evolution in COLDEST

Pictured here is David designing and testing COLDEST Prototypes. The 1-Gallon & 1/2 Gallon were born this day.

2019 - David wrapping pallets

Never ending work. But we made it happen. Stacking and Wrapping pallets.


2020 - Behind the Scenes

Momentum begins to build.

Expansion into other COLD products.

2020 - No space to spare

We began to just expand everywhere on the 7 acre of property David owned. It was an exciting and terrifying time. COVID was just hitting. We didn't know whether to speed up or slow down.

Shipping your orders during the holidays

The team working hard packing your orders through the holidays. Pictured here is the team wearing santa hats to make the mood more merry.

20+ Containers on property

By 2020, there were 20+, 40' shipping containers stealthy hidden in Davids Backyard to store product. We were growing faster than we could imagine.

COLDEST begins to spread

From 2018-2021 were beyond some of the hardest years for COLDEST. From space constraints, to product recalls, to financial hurdles. Despite the hardship, we experienced some of the best parts of the journey.


2021 HQ V.3 - A new hope

The first time we toured HQ v3. Expansion was desperately needed. We went from 2500 sq.ft to now 15,000 sq.ft in Fort, Myers Florida

HQ V.3 in Full Gear.

The banners in the background are some of the first ambassadors to ever support the brand, a gesture to some of the people who helped build COLDEST.

The First Retail Store

The first COLDEST Retail store opens up in Coastland Mall, Naples, Florida.

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2023 HQ V.3 at Max Capacity

Coldies Nation expands faster than expected. Warehouse reaches peak capacity. In just 2 years, we out grow HQ V.3.

Shark Tank Jan 2023- Feb 2024

So much went on behind the scenes of Shark Tank that we built a dedicated page on it.

Read behind the scenes of the COLDEST Shark Tank

HQ v.4 - Nov. 2023 - Present

COLDEST moves into HQ V.4 is 52,000 sq.ft in Fort Myers, Florida!

Thank you for your orders

We can not thank you enough for your business and support!!

Present - Building the best COLDEST products

Floating to build the best COLDEST products.  

The Future - COLDEST World

COLDEST World™ (2030) is a theme park vision with design currently in it's early stages where you can immerse yourself into the expanding Universe of COLDEST.

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