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How do I Engrave / Personalize my Bottle?

You can engrave any bottle by clicking the check box on the product page. A fee will be applied for this optional customization.

How much does it cost?

It typically costs $14.99 to engrave your coldie.

This price is subject to change based on season and demand.

What COLDIES can be customized?

95% of COLDEST Water bottles can be personalized.

  • Exceptions are certain patterns do not engrave well

Bottles Colors that can not be engraved (and will be refunded if paid)

  • Silver Leopard

95% of COLDEST Dog Bowls can be personalized.

Dog bowl Colors that can not be engraved (and will be refunded if paid)

  • Stainless Steel

If an item can be personalized, you will see a “Personalize” icon on the product page.

If an item is not currently available for customization, we recommend keeping an eye on the website's product page for future availability.

What are my options for engraving?

We offer a variety of personalization types including:

Up to 16 characters allowed (including spaces) and is CAPS sensitive.

  • Names
  • Phrases
  • Initials

Large Group Engravings allow custom images & logos.

Please reach out to to get a quote.

How many engravings can I do on my bottle?

Each product can only be customized with one engraving.

Engraving will be done on the opposite side of the COLDEST logo.

Do you offer different colors for Personalization?

COLDEST Icepacks are not toxic. It is not edible. If gel is leaking, please discard immediately and keep away from pets and children.

How long will it take to customize my COLDIE

It will take anywhere from 1-5 days depending on demand of season. We typically like to have it done next business day!

Can personalization be done on the APP?

No, personalization can only be done on desktop or Mobile Phone.

We currently are working on allowing functionality for engraving to be done on the COLDEST app, but it is not yet available. Apologies for the inconvience.

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