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Ankle + Foot 360° Ice Pack Sleeve

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Stays Colder Longer™

Our mission is to be COLDEST. We continuously engineer & test to build the COLDEST products.

Insanely Engineered

Founded by a team of engineers, we over engineer everything.

Compression Perfection

Live your day normally while recovering. Our ice packs are not meant to stop you from going out, take them with you on the go..

Your Last Ice Pack™

Built initially for Athletes and High Performers, we wanted to create the best ice pack that gets you back in the game faster.

Over 30+ Different Ice packs

We have a range of COLDEST icepacks designed to target every muscle.

100,000+ 5 Star Global Reviews

Ranked #1 best seller. Don't miss out on one of the best products in 2023.

No More HARD Icepacks

All our Icepacks are engineered to fit comfortably around your body. No hard ice packs ever again!

COLDEST Cooling Gel

Years of development, our COLDEST Cooling gel was specifically formulated to stay colder longer that regular icepacks. All our icepacks are toxic-free.

Lifetime Guarantee

Every COLDEST Icepack is designed to last a lifetime. If you don't absolutely love it, send it back for a full refund.


5 Star Reviews and Counting

See It In Action


How long does it stay cold?

COLDEST Icepacks can stay cold for up to 45+ minutes depending on size.

Do you recommend this for swelling?

COLDEST Icepacks are perfect for minor swelling and inflammation. Please consult a physician for major swelling.

Can you sleep in these?

We recommend not leaving ice packs on any single area for longer than 20 minutes at a time.

Is it toxic?

COLDEST Icepacks are not toxic. It is not edible. If gel is leaking, please discard immediately and keep away from pets and children.

How does it work?

reezing Instructions:
1. Place the icepack in the freezer for a minimum of two (2) hours;
2. Once your freeze sleeve is cold, take it out of the bag and slip it on your treatment area;
3. Your freeze sleeve may be left in the freezer indefinitely until ready for use;
4. Always remove your freeze sleeve prior to defrosting the freezer.
Note: Always store product in a plastic bag while in freezer.

Heating Instructions:
1. Remove the freeze sleeve from the supplied bag and microwave for 30 seconds and test for comfort;
2. If sleeve is not hot enough, reheat for additional 10 seconds. DO NOT heat more than a total of 45 seconds. Sleeve should be warm, not hot;
3. Slip it on your treatment area;
Note: Always keep it in its supplied protective bag after use.

Care Instructions:
Use damp cloth to wipe down. Lay flat and air dry. Do not wash, do not bleach, do not dry clean, do not iron.

What if I don't like it?

We offer a lifetime warranty on all COLDEST products. If you don't love it, will refund you 100% and even cover shipping back. Email with your order number to get started.

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