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COLDEST Mystery Mini

$5.29 USD $9.99


A World of Mystery Mini's ūüėą

Much of the world of COLDEST Mini's remains a mystery. Nobody knows how many mini's are out there or when new ones drop. Explore the world of COLDEST mini's. Mini's are keychains (not actual water bottles).

Enter The Mystery

Product Dimensions: 2"W x 5"H


The thrill of mystery is fun, but happiness is not guaranteed. ūüėą

You may not get the mini you want, you may even get one you already have but that's the fun of it! COLDEST Mini's are not returnable due to all mini's being collectables.


Mystery Mini

Each Mystery Mini is wrapped in foil. Inside you'll receive one mystery mini coldie.

The Perfect Keychain

Collect them, or use as a keychain.

Rarities of Mini's

There are 7 levels of rarity for mini's ranging from Common to Exotic.

Share Your Mystery Mini Unboxing!

Share your mini unboxing in our facebook community! ūü§£

100+ Collectable Minis?

Nobody knows how many mini's exist in the wild, just that some are close to impossible to get. The world of mini's is expanding.

Subscribe & Save ūüíį

Treat yourself to monthly mystery mini surprises. Use them, collect them, gift them.

100,000+ 5 Star Global Reviews

Inspired by the Limitless Line, COLDEST Mini's started as a passion project, and evolved into a world of mystery and fun.


5 Star Reviews and Counting

How many mini's are there out there?

The number of mini's out in the wild are unknown with more being released every month.

Are COLDEST Mini's actually water bottles?

No. COLDEST Mini's are keychains in the shape of COLDEST Water bottles. They are not water bottles but were first inspired by the Limitless line when a a fan 3D printed a limitless bottle key chain. Since then, they

Can I attach a mini to my coldest water bottle?

Yes, as long as you have a paracord attachment (optional accessory sold separately), you will be able to attach your mini onto your water bottle to add further customization.

What if I don't like it?

COLDEST Mini's are not returnable due to their collectable nature. Please take notice before purchasing.

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