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Knee 360° Ice Pack Sleeve

$10.85 USD $20.47




It's NOT just an ice pack. COLDEST Ice packs are designed to mold perfectly around your muscles to help you recover, faster and they stay colder longer than the competion. We designed the COLDEST icepacks to stay cold for up to 20+ minutes. No more hard ice packs ever again. They're comfortable, ultra-flexible, and come in 30+ different variations for every type of injury. This is Your Last Ice Pack.

20+ Minutes COLD


Insanely Engineered

20+ Minutes COLD


Insanely Engineered


How long do the packs last?

The ice packs typically last for 20-40 minutes of cold therapy per use.

Is it okay to keep the ice packs in the freezer?

Yes, it's perfectly fine to store the ice packs in the freezer until they are needed again.

Can it be worn without the ice pack and would it stabilize and align the knee?

Yes, the knee wrap can be worn without the ice pack and it may still provide stabilization and alignment support, but its effectiveness for pain relief may be reduced without the cold therapy.

Is this a gel knee wrap or ice knee wrap?

This is an ice knee wrap specifically designed to provide cold therapy for pain relief and swelling reduction.

How do I clean the ice pack?

To clean the ice pack, simply wipe it down with a damp cloth or sponge using mild soap and water. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive materials, and allow the ice pack to air dry completely before storing or reusing it.

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