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Coldest 46oz Universal Bottle

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Your search for the best water bottle is over. We believe in creating a water bottle that will last you a very long time, your last bottle, keeping your water the Coldest. It stays cold 36+ hours cold, 13+ hours hot, is super durable, and your next go-to bottle.

The COLDEST Shaker Univeral Bottle is the latest generation of COLDEST bottles. Triple insulated, minimal logal in design, equiped with a flip top chug lid, it is extremely ergonomic and functional in design fitting in 99% of cupholders. Additionally, non-slip rubber in inlayed at bottom providing extra stability. Universal bottles come equiped with our 3 best selling lids, a shaker lid, the flip top straw lid, and a loop lid.

Coldest Bottles are the most featured packed, innovative bottles on the market. Built to stay Cold 36+ hours, and HOT 13+ hours. Extensively tested against 40+ leading brands in 24 hour and 48 hour tests. Whether your going to the gym for your next workout, or going on your next adventure the coldest bottle is your go to.

Leakproof • 36+hrs Cold • 13+hrs Hot • Triple Insulated • Stainless Steel • Coldest Insulated Lids • 150,000+ Reviews

Product Dimensions:

26oz: 5"X4"X13", Weight: 1.5lbs

36oz: 5"X4"X15.5", Weight: 1.7lbs

46oz: 5.5"x4"x16.5", Weight: 2.3 lbs

Triple Insulated Base

Double Lid Technology

Coldest Bottles, Dog Bowls, Ice Packs Happiness Guarantee:

Don't love what you bought? We're happy to accept returns with a valid order #. We offer the COLDEST Happiness Guarantee. Return or exchange your COLDEST product within 30 days of purchase for a full refund*.
*Return shipping is not included.

Lifetime Warranty over manufacturer defects on all bottles


We designed COLDEST to be your last bottle.

Stays COLDER, Longer

Stays COLD for 36+ to 100+ Hours. Our mission is to be COLDEST. We continuously engineer & test against 40+ competitor brands.

Insanely Engineered

Founded by a team of engineers, we over engineer everything.

Floats in Pools

We invented the COLDEST bottle on the market. 36+ Hours Cold, 13+ Hours Hot.

Your Last Bottle

Every COLDEST bottle is designed to last a lifetime. If you don't absolutely love it, send it back for a full refund.

100% Leak Proof

Zero-Leak is the mission to develop leak-free products.

100,000+ 5 Star Global Reviews

Ranked #1 best seller. Don't miss out on one of the best products in 2023.

Fits in 99% of Cup-holders

Engineered to fit even the smallest cupholders so you can go everywhere.


Built from the highest grade 18/8 stainless steel every bottle is triple insulated.

Customize your COLDIE

Need the perfect gift? Laser Engrave any COLDEST bottle and make it one of a kind.


It's NOT just a water bottle. Our COLDEST Water bottles are designed to help you stay colder, longer. We designed the water bottles to stay cold up to 36+ to 100+ hours. COLD tested against 50+ leading brands. They're leakproof, ultra-durable, and fits everywhere. This is your last bottle.

36+ Hours Cold


Insanely Engineered

36+ Hours Cold


Insanely Engineered


5 Star Reviews and Counting

See It In Action


How long does it stay cold?

COLDEST bottles stay COLD 36+ hours. Some of our bottles like the 1-gallon can stay cold past 100+ hours. We are continuously improving and engineering COLDEST bottles to be colder every year.

Does COLDEST bottles fit the Cirkul lids?

Yes! All our wide mouth bottle fit CIRKUL bottles! These sizes include: 14oz, 18oz, 24oz, 32oz, 40oz, 64oz, Universal Shaker Series, Limitless Series (bottle with handle),

Does it fit in a cupholder?

Cup Holder Friendly? Size


Fits 99% of cupholders


Fits 80% of cupholders


Fits 80% of cupholders

21 oz

Fits 99% of a cupholders


Fits 80% of cupholders


Fits 80% of cupholders


Half Gallon


1 Gallon


26 oz Universal Shaker

Fits 99% of cupholders

36 oz Universal Shaker

Fits 99% of cupholders

46 oz Universal Shaker

Fits 99% of cupholders

Is it Dishwasher Safe?

We recommend hand washing to extend the lifespan of any COLDEST bottle.

Dishwasher Safe

  • Powder Coats

Not Dishwasher Safe

  • Glitter
  • Patterns
  • Glossy Paint

Does it float?

Yes! All COLDEST bottles float!

What if I don't like it?

Don't love what you bought? We're happy to accept returns with a valid order #. We offer the COLDEST Happiness Guarantee. Return or exchange your COLDEST product at anytime for a full refund*.
*Return shipping is not included.